Time Quotes

“The world would end as it began, as beatific arbour, and if any family crests or luminary busts or graven names of institutions were yet visible between the droning hives and honeysuckle, they would be by then wiped clean of any meaning. Meaning was a candlelight in everything that lurched and shifted in the circumstantial breezes of each instant, never twice the same. Significance was a phenomenon of Now that could not be contained inside an urn or monolith. It was a hurricane entirely of the present, an unending swirl of boiling change, and as he stood there gazing out towards the city’s rim, across the granite fields of time towards the calendar’s far tattered edges, Snowy Vernall was a storm-rod, crackling and exultant, at the cyclone’s dangerous and brilliant eye.” ―Alan Moore,Jerusalem, Book One: The Boroughs
“Employment robs you of the time you should invest in your destiny” ―Sunday Adelaja,No One Is Better Than You
“Nick… I hope one day you find you a woman who loves you like my Melissa loved me. Whatever you do, boy, don’t turn your back on her. If she says she needs you for something, don’t matter how stupid it sounds or what deadline you got, you go to her and you do it. Screw work or whatever else. In the end, the only things that matter are the people in your life. The ones who make your life worth living and whose smiles light up your world. Don’t ever push them aside for fair-weather friends. Everything else is just cheap window dressing that you can replace. But once them people are gone…” He winced. “You can’t buy back time, Nick. Ever. It’s the only thing in life you can’t get more of, and it’s the one thing that will mercilessly tear you up when it’s gone. It takes pity on no soul and no heart. And all those fools who tell you it gets easier in time are lying dumb-asses. Losing someone you really love don’t never get easier. You just go a few hours longer without breaking down. That’s all… that’s all. – Bubba” ―Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Your work goals should leave the space and time you need to enjoy your personal pursuits” ―Leigh Shulman
“And at the place where time stands still, one sees lovers kissing in the shadows of buildings, in a frozen embrace that will never let go. The loved one will never take his arms from where they are now, will never give back the bracelet of memories, will never journey afar from his lover, will never place himself in danger of self-sacrifice, will never fail to show his love, will never become jealous, will never fall in love with someone else, will never lose the passion of this instant of time.” ―Alan Lightman,Einstein’s Dreams
“There is no ‘back’ for me. My home is gone.” “What do you mean ‘gone’?” “Changed. Time makes us all homeless —eventually.” ―Casey Matthews,The One Who Eats Monsters
“We crave someone to love, chase someone to hate, and demand someone else decide who receives which fate.” ―Ross Caligiuri
“Send not to knowFor whom the bell tolls;It tolls for thee.” ―John Donne,Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions
“As it has been since the dawn of time, the light and dark are linked as one” ―Kamotsu Kamonabe,Satan’s Secretary, Vol. 1
“The most important thing is that God gave each and every one of us time in equal measure” ―Sunday Adelaja,No One Is Better Than You