Relationships Quotes

“- Love, which is a kind of permission to come closer than ordinary norms of good behavior might usually sanction.- Back rubs.- Which enables us to see each other without clothes on, for example, in lust and shame.- Examining perfections, imperfections.- Which allows us to say wounding things to each other which would not be kosher under the ordinary rules of civilized discourse.” ―Donald Barthelme,Great Days
“Honor your relationships by developing listening skills.” ―Allan Lokos,Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living
“We can’t talk about it, or I know she won’t so I don’t even try, but it’s what goes unsaid between people tat builds up like masonry. You have to either knock the bricks out with other things, or let them keep stacking until eventually you are alone in a room.” ―Justin Taylor
“Relationships have an unfortunate way of wearing out, like most things in this world.” ―F. Scott Fitzgerald,A Life in Letters
“I had a dream about you last night. We were plug sockets in the bedroom. We saw only a short part of their day, but we knew everything of it.” ―Michael Summers,I Had a Dream About You
“You know how it is when you arrive in a new place and feel like you don’t belong there? That hesitation to recon with a new geography. That knowledge that this place is not mine, these ways of talking are not mine, these silences are not mine, this etiquette is not mine.So many new things to absorb. And the place also takes a little time to accept the new person. Often you have to meet the place on its own terms. Sometimes you have to work hard to earn your little corner in it. Till that place become yours, till you find your own equilibrium, there will be a gap between you and the place.” ―Benyamin,Jasmine Days
“I will never deny that life isn’t fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man she is strong and independent, but when a man leaves a woman he is a pig and a jerk.” ―Criss Jami,Killosophy
“Emma; but you must think him agreeable. Can you lay your hand on your heart, and say you do not?- Indeed I can, Both Hands; and spread to their widest extent.” ―Jane Austen,The Watsons
“She was the third beer. Not the first one, which the throat receives with almost tearful gratitude; nor the second, that confirms and extends the pleasure of the first. But the third, the one you drink because it’s there, because it can’t hurt, and because what difference does it make?” ―Toni Morrison,Song of Solomon
“You cold or something?’ he said. She strained against him; she wanted to pass clear through him: ‘It’s a chill, it’s nothing’; and then, pushing a little away: ‘Say you love me.’I said it.’No, oh no. You haven’t. I was listening. And you never do.’Well, give me time.’Please.’He sat up and glanced at a clock across the room. It was after five. Then decisively he pulled off his windbreaker and began to unlace his shoes.Aren’t you going to, Clyde?’He grinned back at her. ‘Yeah, I’m going to.’I don’t mean that; and what’s more, I don’t like it: you sound as though you were talking to a whore.’Come off it, honey. You didn’t drag me up here to tell you about love.’You disgust me,’ she said.Listen to her! She’s sore!’A silence followed that circulated like an aggrieved bird. Clyde said, ‘You want to hit me, huh? I kind of like you when you’re sore: that’s the kind of girl you are,’ which made Grady light in his arms when he lifted and kissed her. ‘You still want me to say it?’ Her head slumped on his shoulder. ‘Because I will,’ he said, fooling his fingers in her hair. ‘Take off your clothes–and I’ll tell it to you good.” ―Truman Capote,Summer Crossing