“I slipped at a bus stop; I went one way and my hair went the other. That was the end of my wig.” ~ Tia Carrere
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“In truth, the history of political thought is an end in itself, the highest peak of political education. The crowning achievement of political knowledge, it will be argued in these pages, consists precisely in the ability to partake of the visions of man, society and the state to be found in the writings of our most eminent thinkers, in the ability to enjoy political ‘conversation’ at its highest level and in its longest historical expanse. This ability is not (or not obviously) an ‘aid’ to any other aspect of the study of politics, and it should not be construed as one; on the contrary, it is these other aspects (institutions and behaviour for example) which should be seen as so many intellectual aids facilitating our comprehension of the history of political thought.” ― Robert Nandor Berki, The History Of Political Thought: A Short Introduction