“I felt like the dark hair added like a toughness to my face also, which was really important.” ~ Jaime King
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“He smiled without his teeth. Small, shyly. I found myself smiling back. Like an impulseThen he ruined it by saying…”You’re not like other girls, are you?”And I activated.Every single emotion I’d been squashing into my guts exploded like a burst appendix. I jumped off the bed and turned to him with a scowl I was sure he’d need permanent therapy to recover from. “Are you kidding me Harry?””Woah Audrey. Hey, hey, hey. It’s a compliment.”I felt like screaming. “It’s NOT a compliment.I threw my arms up, any motion to get rid of the rage pulsing through me.It’s an insult to every single woman on this PLANET. Don’t you DARE try and pull that shit on me.”What shit?!” Harry was stupid enough to ask. “I was saying something nice…”I shook my head so hard.”No, you were saying something clichéd and UNTRUE. I AM like other girls, Harry. Don’t misinterpret my hatred of romance as some kooky, laid-back, manic pixie NONSENSE. I am DAMAGED. I am not CUTE. I am emotionally-fucking-traumatised right now, okay? I am screaming on the inside. I am too angry and messed up to contain all the stuff girls spend every day containing. That’s why I seem different. That is NOT sexy.” ―Holly Bourne,It Only Happens in the Movies