Life Lessons Quotes

“Challenges, obstacles, and adversities will either bring out the best or worse in you. You were created with a built-in capacity to dominate and annihilate your problems. Get rid of the ‘victim’ in you and believe in the ‘VICTOR’ in YOU.” ―DeWayne Owens
“Never shy away from telling those you love how you feel about them.You will never know if you will have another chance…” ―Ahmad Ardalan
“Do good, live in the most positive and joyful way possible every day.” ―Roy T. Bennett,The Light in the Heart
“Life – a meaningless thing, draped in some moments, that can be given any title or definition.” ―Neeraj Agnihotri,In The Name Of Blasphemy
“Everyone laughs at one’s own jokes. To be able to appreciate another’s reveals who you really are – a chilled out guy, or just a stuck-up joke.” ―Fakeer Ishavardas
“And in your opinion, the notion that everything works out in the end, and the counter-notion that nothing ever does, are both equally banal.” ―Julian Barnes,The Only Story
“Change is not a gate we pass through, it is the definition of life.” ―Millie Florence,Lydia Green Of Mulberry Glen
“He talked of the old college days when he and Gaston had been a good deal toeach other; of the days of keen and blind ambitions and large intentions. Now there wasleft with him, at least, a philosophic acquiescence to the existing order–only a desire to bepermitted to exist, with now and then alittle whiff of genuine life, such as he wasbreathing now.” ―Kate Chopin,A Respectable Woman