inspiration Quotes

“Whatever you think someone feels is most likely the exact opposite.” ―Cometan,The Omnidoxy
“The mist just keeps on lifting and soon I’ll be able to see all the way, as far as the earth’s curvature allows. It’s a blessing, that curvature, that hidden hemisphere-if we could take it all in at one, why move?” ―Walter Kirn
“It is not about perfection. It is about moving in the right direction.” ―Daniella Land,All In: The Mindset of Fitness
“Sensuality is wonderful, it can keep you awake all night and make you happy all day.” ―Alain Bremond-Torrent,running is flying intermittently
“Learning to focus on the big picture will help you keep things in a proper perspective.” ―Roy T. Bennett
“Do not let the roles you play in life make you forget that you are human.” ―Roy T. Bennett
“We are spiritual children of God the Father. We preach it. We sing it. But do we really understand it? Sometimes it’s easy to tell others they are loved, but not so easy to believe it of ourselves — not because we don’t think God loves His children, but because we may feel undeserving of His love. The adversary loves to remind us who we are not. Not pretty. Not smart. Not strong. But God would not have sacrificed His Son to save us if we aren’t worth saving.” ―Toni Sorenson,Women of Christ: Of Infinite Worth