Favorite Quotes

It is nice to know the dictionary definition for the adjective “elegant” in the meaning “simple and surprisingly effective”.
Un programme ML est essentiellement une suite de définitions récursives d’ordre supérieur sur des algèbres initiales, et peut donc prétendre sans honte au statut de développement mathématique. En fait, programmer, c’est juste faire des mathématiques plus précises que d’habitude !
The copyright industry is digging a grave for the Internet. They don’t take into account the public benefits of a free Internet. The problem is that old people are running the companies. They know how you made money before and they don’t want to change. They’re like the Amish: they don’t want electricity, they know how to make do without electricity.
I have witnessed numerous occasions where an inordinately expensive query was made 8-times faster by parallelizing… where the trivial refactoring into a slimmed down algorithm with proper data structures would have speed the code up by 100-fold. Parallelizing a piggy piece of code to make it faster merely uses more of the machine to get the same job done, and will negatively impact power, resource management, and utilization.
Debugging time increases as a square of the program’s size.
The worst features [of a language] are the attractive nuisances, the features that are both useful and dangerous.
Only ugly languages become popular. Python is the one exception.
There is no contemporary problems requiring millions of lines of code. Instead there are careless programmers, bad managers, or impossible requirements for compatibility.
Vous savez à quoi on reconnaît une bonne et une mauvaise startup ? Toutes les mauvaises startups ont des employés qui sont persuadés que tout va bien. Pourquoi ? Parce que ça veut dire que les fondateurs sont des menteurs.
Is the lack of [runtime type checking] good enough to be called beautiful code? After working with it for over five years, yes, I think it is. It keeps easy hacks from springing up within the kernel and forces everyone to be very exact in their logic, never falling back on any checks for types that might prevent bugs from happening later.