Faith Quotes

“Yet what is expectation but a kind of folly, and what is that folly but an excess of hope?” ―Alexandre Dumas,The Vicomte de Bragelonne
“Much of what I’d done — mistakes, poems, manipulations, success and books and sex — had been done merely to get love. To get it. To answer my question: do you love me? . . . From that moment on, the love affair I would develop would be with my soul. [God] was already part of me; that much was clear. And now this would be where I would go for love — to the God in me. No more begging or pursuing or needing. Possibly it was only a myth, Jack’s myth [Til We Have Faces], that could have obliterated the false belief that I must pursue love in the outside world — in success, in acclaim, in performance, in a man.The Truth: I was beloved of God.Finally I could stop trying to force someone or something else to fill that role” ―Patti Callahan,Becoming Mrs. Lewis
“The pre-conversion Joan had always considered faith to be a crutch, and maybe it was. But I had never once considered that my VP title, six-figure salary, and bigger than necessary house were also crutches– crutches that I had used to bear the weight of my insecurities and my unhealthy need for the approval of others. I began to realize that, despite my illusion of Independence, I had always leaned on something. Intellect and reason, drugs and alcohol, money and prestige: they had all been crutches for me. And I was being given a choice: to lean on these things that I could see and touch or to release them and lean on this undefined hope promised by this new faith.” ―Joan Ball,Flirting with Faith: My Spiritual Journey from Atheism to a Faith-Filled Life
“It matters not which ROUTE we take traveling the path towards healing. What matters is that we arrive at our destination.” ―Jennifer Ritchie Payette
“Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous. When you have God, you don’t have to know everything about it; you just have to do it.” ―Mother Angelica
“The turbulent nature of the storm is always second to the loving nature of God. Therefore, while an umbrella might keep me dry, it is God who dries the umbrella.” ―Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Some people fear to consecrate themselves to God for the same reason they fear to write a blank check.” ―Wyatt Allen
“In all my travels, I’ve never seen a country’s population more determined to forgive, and to build and succeed than in Rwanda.” ―Rick Warren,The Bishop of Rwanda: Finding Forgiveness Amidst a Pile of Bones
“God. Justice. The rule of law. And do you never find those to be in conflict?” ―Victor Bevine,Certainty